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Why Content Marketing Matters So Much For SEO?

“SEO” and “Content Marketing” are the terms every marketer is familiar with. But, at times the thing that makes you confused is the similarity and dissimilarity between them. Getting a better idea of how they are different or alike cannot only be helpful in strengthening your online presence, but also enables you to boost your website’s conversion rate.

Agree! Content marketing and SEO are two different things, yet they gel, overlap, blend, cohere together quite well. Here in this post, I am going to discuss why content marketing is so important for SEO success. But, before that, let us get an idea of how these two are different.

write quality article
write quality article

SEO and content marketing are two extensions of digital marketing. They differ from one another in a variety of critical areas, yet it is impossible to separate them from each other completely. The two most important elemental differences are that:

[trx_list style=”arrows”] [trx_list_item]Content marketing is comprehensive and more holistic.[/trx_list_item] [/trx_list]

[trx_list style=”arrows”] [trx_list_item]SEO is limited in scope and more technical.[/trx_list_item] [/trx_list]

Now let’s have a look at why Content Marketing matters so much for SEO.

Content marketing fulfills SEO demands

SEO bears some specific demands that are met by content marketing. These are:


Content is the king, and for a major reason. There is no SEO without content; it needs words, verbiages, keywords, and material. Whereas, content marketing is all about content. It involves creating and uttering out your story online while emphasizing on informing your prospective clients instead of just selling the brand. To put this simple: SEO requires quality content, and content marketing gets this covered.


Keywords are undeniably an essential part of SEO. SEO professionals research them, use them and track their ranking in the search results. How are you going to use these keywords and how will you integrate the research into your SEO practices? This is where content marketing comes to play. To use your keywords you need to place them into the content judiciously. Content marketing comprises of quality content, carved for humans while using the targeted keywords.

Yes! You cannot stuff keywords in your content if you are not planning for being penalized by the search engine. However, when used naturally, content marketing can do wonders for SEO.


Strategic back linking is a powerful SEO technique recommended by different SEO gurus. Internal linking fortifies a website’s overall search-optimized value. Linkbacks do so by creating clear paths for spiders, extended sessions for users, and a connected network of posts and pages.

Linkbacks on a website with a huge, fat DA can considerably beef up the overall search-optimized value of your site. Such links are hard earned by producing stellar content through content marketing. You need to post killer content and allowing others to link back to it. This practice leads to constant SEO success. In simple words, if you want quality linkbacks, you need content worth linking to.

User Experience

Besides content, keywords, and link building, SEO is also affected by the bounce rate. Your website should be user-friendly to prevent visitors from hitting that “back” button to leave your site. Sometimes content empowers you to reduce a high bounce rate when placed thoughtfully.

To enhance a site’s UX, SEOs optimize the robots.txt, enhance metadata, use proper tags, and devise a strategic sitemap. All these practices are basically aimed to serve the user in the best way and promote your content. The end-purpose is to get your content rightly indexed and visible to the audience.

Eventually, it’s all about the content.


Google likes fresh content! There is no denying to the fact that new content has a significant role to play in getting a page to quickly indexed and ranked higher in the SERPs than the older content. Google gives a web page its “freshness” score by considering its inception date that decays with the passage of time. This score may promote content for respective search queries but puts it down as it ages.

Good SEO requires a consistent update of the content and refining your content time to time is in included in content marketing practices.

To wrap up:

Long gone are the days when SEOs need to have proficiency in search engine optimization alone. Now, they need to have know-how about other extensions of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing, and particularly, content marketing. Content affects SEO, and thus you need to leverage content marketing for enhancing the SEO of your web site.

The advantages of content marketing go above and beyond amplified rankings and search engine visibility. Content marketing has a broad range of other benefits to your prospective customers and leads. It bridges the void in your sales funnel, reveals your business to audiences, and instils the feelings of goodwill among your website visitors.

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  1. Great topic, and you are correct. Although when I explain this to my clients, I simplify it by saying that content marketing IS SEO.

    Why? Because it is the content that optimizes your website for search engines. People seem to grasp the idea better when I put it that way.

    Thanks for sharing. Tweeting to my followers.

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