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A very affordable SEO pricing plan for Malaysia companies like yours.

Answers to Your Questions

How Long Will It Takes To See Results?

How fast your targeted keyword to rank in the first page of search engine depends on numerous factors. In case you didn’t do any SEO work for your website but your keyword phrase isn’t competitive, then it may just take couple of days to rank. In case your targeted keyword is in  a really competitive market (for example’ credit card’), then  a longer time frame is expected in order to rank your keywords.

Is There A Minimum Term Contract?

There is no term contract tiding in even though our recommended SEO service packages term is with minimum of 6 months. Even though we are confident in getting fast result, but lot of factors still depends on the search engine. Thus, if you want to stop the work just after 1 or 2 months, you will not going to reap the full benefit of the effort that we put in to rank your site. To grow your site’s traffic and stay in the top ranking, the SEO work will be an ongoing activity that need to carry on.

Do You Provide Any Kind of Guarantee?

If a company can guarantee to rank certain keyword for your website in top 1 of search engine, then you will need to be suspicious on their services. No SEO company can make such guarantee as there are too many variables involved in determining positioning to place different websites and display them in search engine. What we will do is we are going to provide the greatest efforts of ours without a SEO guarantee to get huge rankings for your selected website(s) with the major search engines and directories.

Which SEO Package Should I Start With?

If your business still new and you have a tight budget to spend on website promotion, then you may consider to subscribe for SEO Basic first. We will find the best keyword with decent traffic and rank for you. Once you start having some visitors and increase your sales, then you can consider to choose for SEO Standard or SEO Premium service.

How I Know What Have Been Done for My Website?

We will provide you  with a monthly report every end of the month. The report will covering some keyword data, analysis, statistic and recommendation.

Is The Charging Price Too High?

Our SEO services pricing is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) which won’t cost you a hand and a leg. What we offer to our customers is rather within their expendable budget.

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