SEO Services

We are one of the top SEO Service provider in Malaysia. With proven track record to rank our client’s website at major search engine especially Google. Our SEO Service to ensure that the ROI goals of every customer are consistently met.

What is included in SEO Service

Website On-page SEO Audit

An on-page SEO audit consist checking on website for major SEO error which would prevent the site from ranking in search engine. This often consist of title tags, header tags, content keyword density as well as site structure.

Link Analysis

Link analysis will be performed to check on the backlinks structure of the website and the quality of the links. Backlinks are crucial element for ranking a site. Links from a bad neighborhood would prevent a site from ranking and needed to be removed via Google webmaster tool.

Link Development

Link development is one of the crucial step in SEO, each link is consider a vote to the website. However this has to be done properly with the exact “recipe” to obtain the best result.

If you have your own in house SEO team, you might want to appoint us as your SEO consultant to provide the best advise on SEO for your business.