On Page SEO

On Page SEO is a vital part of overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When deciding on the ranking of sites in the search results search engines consider a number of factors. These can be grouped into:

Off Page Factors – This is given the highest weighting and is about links from other sites. Factors considered include the number of links, the authority of the sites giving the link, the anchor text used in the link and the relevancy of the link. Effectively this is other sites telling the search engines that your site is relevant to the search term.

Other factors – This is things like how much traffic the site gets, the age of the domain and the speed of loading.

On Page Factors – The search engines “spider” a page to see what is about. If they think it is relevant to the search term then it may be displayed (depending on the other factors above). Therefore the answer to the question “What is On Page SEO?” is that it is the webmaster making sure that the search engines understand the terms to which the content is relevant.

Although on page SEO is probably given the lowest weighting of the three groupings above in determining search engine rankings, that does not mean it is not important or can be ignored. If your on page SEO is poor and the search engines do not understand its relevancy it will be very difficult to get a good ranking however many backlinks you get.what is on page seo

On page SEO is totally under the control of the webmaster so there is no reason it cannot be done properly. However, a word of warning, because it is under your control you can be punished for doing anything that the search engines don’t approve of such as keyword stuffing or linking to disreputable sites.

On Page SEO basically means structuring the site in a search engine friendly way and providing a sitemap. Each page should be targeted towards a keyword such that the search engines are in no doubt that it is highly relevant to that keyword but without overdoing it. The text should still read well to your visitors.

It is quite possible to write in a way that human visitors will understand what a piece of content is about but the search engines won’t. You have to learn to write in a way which is search engine friendly. I have heard on page SEO described as writing for an adult audience in such a way that a 6 year old could at least grasp what it is about (but not necessarily understand it).

Writing in this way takes a bit of practice and you should really run through quite a detailed checklist each time to make sure your on page SEO is good.

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